Doctor Who’s David Tennant revived the Tenth Doctor alongside wife Georgia for a very special video

The actor teamed up with the Doctor's daughter to say farewell to an old friend

David Tennant and Georgia Tennant

David Tennant may have left Doctor Who over eight years ago, but his Tenth Doctor lives on in our hearts – and, as it turns out, in impromptu internet videos made for friends.


You see, a new clip has been released by Tennant’s wife Georgia (who appeared in the series as the Tenth Doctor’s “daughter” Jenny) showing the Scottish actor returning to his most famous role for a special occasion, namely the emigration of old friend Gary Russell to Australia in 2013.

Russell, who worked as a script editor for Doctor Who and its spin-offs Torchwood and the Sarah-Jane Adventures, was treated to Tennant back in action as the Time Lord complete with his sonic screwdriver, iconic costume and command of sci-fi technobabble, and the end result is absolutely brilliant.

Whether it’s cracking jokes about Russell being “sucked off” into the time vortex in Cardiff, riffing on the idea of a former Doctor Who magazine editor being a fixed nexus point in time and space or just fiddling with the sonic screwdriver settings, Tennant and Tennant are clearly having a ball throughout, and it’s a wonderful reminder of their time on the sci-fi series.

And who knows? If they had that much fun, maybe they could both be persuaded to do it for real again sometime soon. We live in hope for a Thirteenth/Tenth Doctor team-up…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn