Which Doctor Who series is the greatest of the modern era?

We want you to rank every series of NuWho from best to worst

Doctor Who NuWho Series 1 to 10

When Doctor Who finally returned to TV screens in 2005 after 16 years off air, fans waited with bated breath to see if the new Who era would last. More than a decade – and ten whole series – later, the show is still going strong, and filming its eleventh run of episodes.


But before Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor takes us off through space and time again, we want YOU to decide which new era series of Doctor who is the absolute best. All you have to do to cast your vote is rank all ten series from best to worst below by clicking on one of the boxes next to the series number and dragging each series into your preferred order.


Your answers will create our definitive ranking of the best Doctor Who series of the modern era, so what are you waiting for? Get ranking!