We've been spoilt with Doctor Who comebacks recently, from Ace and Tegan's adventures in The Power of the Doctor, to a gorgeous mention of Sarah Jane Smith in a recent special scene.


But, that doesn't mean we're ruling out any more.

It's clear that returning showrunner Russell T Davies isn't opposed to a comeback - after all, Doctor Who legends David Tennant (playing the 14th Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) are on their way back.

Plus, Jemma Redgrave will reprise her role as Kate Stewart - and we wouldn't be surprised if there are more returns on the way.

The Power of the Doctor, which aired in October 2022, saw plenty of classic favourites return, with past Doctors including Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker coming face to face with Whittaker's 13th Doctor and their old companions, Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Tegan (Janet Fielding).

Meanwhile, plenty more of our heroes have returned in other formats, including audio dramas and extra scenes on DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Just recently, Katy Manning (Jo Jones) returned in a special scene, giving a touching nod to Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane.

But there are plenty more who have only briefly had a cameo return in the TV series, or who are yet to grace our screens again.

Of course, some of the classic characters didn't make it out of their series alive (let's not talk about Adric), but there are plenty who feasibly could make a return.

So, we're going to make you choose - who most deserves a comeback?

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