Russell T Davies' tenure at the helm of Doctor Who produced some of the very best episodes in the show's history - but the former showrunner has revealed he still has one or two regrets about his time in charge.


And Davies claims the biggest of those regrets is not writing a sequel to a serial from the classic era of the show.

Speaking to fellow ex-showrunner Steven Moffat in the most-recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Davies said, "I wish, with the hindsight of 2020, I'd done a great big proper sequel to a classic story."

"I'd have run the old episodes on BBC Three all week, then shown the sequel on the Saturday."

Davies added that the series 15 serial Image of the Fendahl - which saw a Professor at a priory prepare to carry out experiments with a fossilized skull - would have been particularly ripe for a sequel.

"Imagine, Return of the Fendahl!" he said. "Back in the ruins of Fetch Priory. Ancient Evil Stirs. Wanda Ventham reincarnated. Just once for the fun of it!"

He continue that although he'd been "determined not to look back too much" when he took on the show he nevertheless felt that he "missed a trick there."

Meanwhile Moffat claimed that if he were to pen a follow up to a classic story he'd have gone for series 12 serial The Ark In Space.

"Those were great monsters," he said, "and think what the CG could do for them!"

Of course, although neither Davies or Moffat did give us a classic story sequel in the end, they both provided plenty of episodes and storylines which have since become iconic in their own right.

Still, Return of the Fendahl? We'd have loved to see it!


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