We haven't seen Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) on Doctor Who since 2012 when they parted ways with Matt Smith's Doctor in The Angels Take Manhattan.


They were whisked back in time together after they failed to escape the Weeping Angels, but we got an all-important life update from them over Easter weekend.

During a watchalong for The Doctor's Wife, the writer of that episode, Neil Gaiman, revealed a special scene he wrote to kick off the big event.

It's 1946 and Rory is using his smartphone - timey-wimey - to record a message for his son, Antony.

With his hair swept back behind his ears, Rory looked directly into camera and spoke about his extraordinary life with Amy.

Recounting all those times he was killed or erased from history, he continued by talking about how their unique family came to be.

And in a relevant moment, he gives a little bit of lockdown encouragement to us all.

"I'm mostly impressed by people," he says. "They can get through so much by being brave and optimistic and resilient."

There's even a nice little cameo from Amy at the end and in true Ponds style, it's in the form of a little bicker.

She can be heard yelling off-camera: "Rory, stop messing around and come help me paint the baby's room - now!"

Cue dutiful Rory cutting his video short and running to help his wife.

You can watch "Rory's Story" here:

This isn't the first Doctor Who treat we've received during the lockdown, as former showrunner Steven Moffat penned a new short scene for a young Amy which was a prequel to The Eleventh Hour.

And if that wasn't enough, Russell T Davies made a sequel to Rose while Chris Chibnall wrote a new short story, Things She Thought While Falling.

Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker has also donned her costume twice to give fans some inspiration during self-isolation.

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