Chris Chibnall gives an update on 2022 Doctor Who specials

Jodie Whittaker will pass on her sonic screwdriver to a new Doctor next year.

Doctor Who

Chris Chibnall has given further details about next year’s Doctor Who specials, revealing that the final standalone episode starring Jodie Whittaker has the working title of “the Centenary Special”.


He also revealed that post-production work on Whittaker’s final regeneration episode – which coincides with the 100-year anniversary of the BBC – will continue well into 2022.

Chibnall will leave the BBC sci-fi series when Whittaker hands over the keys to the TARDIS next year, and he’ll be replaced by Russell T Davies as Doctor Who showrunner.

“It’s a great feeling when you finish everything in studio,” he told Doctor Who Magazine.“But in some ways, things actually get busier from that point, because all the stuff in post-production has been waiting for you. It’s like another show on top of the first show you did.

“We won’t actually be finished until we picturelock what we’re currently calling the Centenary Special,” he added, revealing that scoring and CG work on Whittaker’s last episode had yet to be completed.

Chibnall recently revealed that the last scene Jodie Whittaker shot for Doctor Who was the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration scene, marking her official exit from the show.

Whittaker announced in July that she would be leaving Doctor Who after the centenary special alongside outgoing showrunner Chibnall, although the Broadchurch star recently told Radio Times magazine that she considered going back on her exit plan whilst filming the new episodes.

“Sometimes it was like… ‘Are we sticking to this decision?’ There’s part of me that could absolutely say, ‘No, let’s keep going! Let’s go back on it!’ But to give the fans the level that they deserve, there has to be some sacrifice. You have to know when you’ve done it,” she said.


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