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Did you spot this beloved Queer Eye star's unexpected cameo in Stranger Things 3?

Hawkins, Indiana is full of surprises

Queer Eye Will
Published: Saturday, 6th July 2019 at 1:17 pm

Stranger Things 3 features an unexpected appearance from one of our favourite Queer Eye stars – although he seems to have ditched his Fab Five makeover in favour of an '80s hair-do and chunky moustache.


Watch closely in the opening episode of Stranger Things' third season, when office dogsbody Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) delivers the men's lunch orders at The Hawkins Post and interrupts their sexist banter by pitching a story about the Starcourt Mall.

She is shot down by Bruce (Jake Busey), but there is another familiar face in that room who has attracted our attention...

Yes, one of the local journalists is none other than Queer Eye's William Mahnken, the "hero" of Queer Eye season two's second episode "A Decent Proposal". Here he is:

Queer Eye stranger things

As fans will remember, William was a heavily-bearded Walmart employee (now Uber driver) as well as an actor and film fanatic, who finally gained the confidence to propose to his girlfriend Shannan at an open-air movie screening.

Like so:


Oh, and in case that wasn't enough, Shannan herself actually makes a brief cameo, joining her husband for a meal out at local restaurant Enzo's in episode two – though she seems to have eyes for Chief Hopper instead:

As an actor, his previous credits also include The Walking Dead, Logan Lucky (as Prison Guard number five) and Ghost Witch.
But who knows what other Netflix shows he'll invade after this cameo: maybe he'll pop up in The Crown? Or Orange Is the New Black?

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