Did Game of Thrones predict Richard Madden and Kit Harington’s Marvel reunion?

Fans have noticed that one piece of dialogue between the Stark siblings has a very different meaning now…

Kit Harington and Richard Madden in Game of Thrones (HBO)

Kit Harington’s mystery Marvel role has been revealed, with the former Game of Thrones star announced as joining the cast of outer-space blockbuster The Eternals over the weekend.


Apparently Harington is set to play non-Eternal human character The Black Knight (aka Dane Whitman) in the upcoming superhero movie, which also stars Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek among others – but the cast member fans are most excited to see Harington bounce off of is his former Thrones co-star and onscreen brother Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark in the first three seasons of the HBO fantasy drama.

In other words, the Stark half-brothers (or cousins, technically) are back together, and the fans couldn’t be happier.

But should we have seen this coming?

You see, as some fans have pointed out Game of Thrones itself seemed to hint at this family reunion way back in season one, specifically during episode two – the Kingsroad – when Robb and Jon said farewell for the last time.

Of course, at the time they didn’t know that they’d never see each other again – Robb’s horrible season three death was but a glint in a beheaded wolf’s eye – so Robb was already making plans for the next time they’d see each other again, after Jon had donned the trademark dark robes of the Night’s Watch.

“Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black!” he noted.

“It was always my colour,” Jon replied.

Now, eight years on Jon and Robb ARE reuniting – well, their actors are – and Kit Harington is playing the BLACK Knight.

Mind = blown. And fans were quick to note the connection.

So was this another secret Game of Thrones prophecy all along? Has Bran the Broken been pulling the strings of the MCU for years, ready for two Kings of the North to rise?

Well no – it’s just a coincidence, come on – but it’s a great little connection to Thrones history, and a fun way to introduce Harington and Madden to the Marvel family.

After all, with Tony gone there’s plenty of room for a few more Starks in the MCU.


The Eternals will be released on the 6th November 2020