Chris Noth admits he based his Doctor Who character on Donald Trump

And the Sex and the City star says he hopes to return to the BBC sci-fi series

Doctor Who series 11 ep 4 Chris Noth

In what will be no surprise to anyone who saw him in Doctor Who earlier this year, Chris Noth has finally confirmed that his character in the sci-fi series – a property magnate and businessman with hopes of high office – was based on real-life US President Donald Trump.


Please, hold your insincere gasps of surprise for the end.

“I played a character based loosely on him,” Noth told The Mirror.

“It was actually the idea of Trump without being Trump.

“I’m worried about our country under his reign,” he added. “Hopefully the Democratic Congress will regain our sanity.”

Still, playing a version of the President seems to have appealed to Noth more than Trump himself, with the actor suggesting that his character Robertson could be in line for a comeback in a future series.

“I may come back and do another episode,” Noth said.

“It was just marvellous. I loved all the actors and Jodie [Whittaker] was fantastic. I couldn’t have admired them more. They’re hard workers, it’s a fun show.”

And who knows? Maybe art will imitate life, and Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor could be facing off with PRESIDENT Robertson next time around…


The Doctor Who finale airs on BBC1 on Sunday 9th December