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Can you escape the Daleks in this fiendish Doctor Who puzzle?

To celebrate Doctor Who at Christmas, we’ve created an interactive Doctor Who puzzle for you to solve – but can you make the right choices and save the universe?

Published: Sunday, 25th December 2016 at 9:40 am

Welcome Whovians! We've created a special Doctor Who puzzle for you, where you have to make choices to get the Time Lord out of a sticky situation. Can you solve his dilemma with nothing but your wits and a sonic screwdriver, or will you be blasted to the winds by Dalek forces?


Explore the Doctor’s situation in the first scenario below, and then make your choice – but be sure to choose carefully…

You wake up in a dark room. It’s quiet, and it’s empty apart from a bucket full of industrial cleaning supplies (it must be some kind of storage cupboard) and what looks like an oversized hoover or floor buffer.

You check your pocket – the sonic screwdriver is in there, so you’re confident that you’ll make short work of the locked door – and you stride towards the exit.

But wait – the hoover is moving, and lighting up! It’s beginning to screech in a harsh, staccato voice!

This is no hoover – it’s a Dalek, previously powered down and hidden by shadows, and now advancing towards you with destruction on the agenda.


What do you do?

1. Use the sonic to open the door from where you are

2. Rush the Dalek and try to get past it

3. Distract the Dalek with some witty repartee


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