While Charlie Brooker’s dystopian sci-fi anthology Black Mirror has had a LOT of different and compelling settings and stories over the years, 2017’s San Junipero – which follows a virtual reality love story in one of the series’ most upbeat entries – remains a favourite with many fans and critics.


In fact, Brooker has even toyed with breaking Black Mirror’s biggest rule and revisiting the story, suggesting that he might one day do a “Return to San Junipero” idea at some point in the series’ future.

And now it turns out that at least one of the episode’s cast is up for the follow-up, with Terminator: Dark Fate’s Mackenzie Davis (who played co-lead character Yorkie in the one-off drama) confirming that she’s definitely open to telling another story in that world.

“Sure, I’d do another one!” Davis told RadioTimes.com. “I mean everyone involved is the best.

“I don't really know if that story needs a sequel, that's my only reservation - but if anyone can do it it'll be Charlie and Annabel [Jones], who are the creators of the show. So, yeah.

“More than anything else, people bring that episode up with me,” she added. “It's so funny. I was on a show for four years, and nobody ever even knows that! But yeah, San Junipero's the one.”

“Black Mirror before that season, I mean it was big in the UK and there were people in the US who knew about it, but it kind of felt like this culty litte thing for me and my friends. It wasn't like a common show that people knew about.

“And so going into it, I was like 'oh, I get to be a part of this really special world that I love so much, I can't believe it. I would watch the episodes reverentially in my friend's basement. So it was just a weird stepping through the television screen moment.

“But then it went on Netflix and it became the biggest thing that's ever come out. So, it's just funny. You don't know what is going to hit with people.”

Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton in the first look photo for Terminator 6 (Fox)
Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton in the first look photo for Terminator 6 (Fox) FOX

For now, though, Davis is focussed on her starring role in a VERY different sort of sci-fi tale –Terminator sequel Dark Fate, in which she plays cyborg human Grace, a bodyguard sent from the future to save a woman targeted by a Terminator.

“It was nice not to feel burdened by the weight of expectations,” Davis said. “This franchise has such an enormous fanbase, and people love it so much and are I think forgiving with it, that you already feel that everybody watching this movie knows more about the mythology than I do – I don't wanna mess up or disappoint people or fumble through my knowledge of these movies.

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“But Grace wasn't a returning character, I can't mess up something precious from somebody's childhood. So I can't ruin it!”

Physically demanding and action-packed, Davis’ role as Grace required months of special training and preparation – “I think it's good that I didn't know beforehand how much work it would be,” she joked – and was a million miles away from previous roles in films like Blade Runner 2049, The Martian or Tully.

“I had never done this much prep for a role before,” she said. “It was an extremely physical, gruelling task.

“I was training for about three months before we started shooting, stunt training for a month before, went to Texas and did weapons training...and then every day it carried on, once I started shooting that training didn’t stop.

“I would get up at 3.30am and go and work out for an hour, and go into hair and makeup for 2-3 hours because I had all these scars on my body, and then you go to work, and your work is applying that training again, and then in between your scenes you're doing stunt training for the next day, or the next week.

“If someone had told me 'oh you're going to work six days a week, and you're not going to sleep that much, and you'll average five hours a night and you're going to work out every day and not really get to eat anything that you like...that's hard to get excited about.

“It's good to have a little mystery about these things – really I don’t know whether I would have done it otherwise,” she concluded.


Terminator: Dark Fate is in UK cinemas now