Billie Piper: Jenna Coleman is “brilliant” as Clara in Doctor Who

The actress formerly known as Rose Tyler says her friend Jenna and new Doctor Peter Capaldi are "kind of perfect" together

Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper says her friend Jenna Coleman is “brilliant” as current companion Clara Oswald.


The actress formerly known as Rose Tyler should know – she’s regularly voted the best companion of all time. And she’s not alone in praising Coleman’s performance.

Since the return of Doctor Who in August, Clara’s popularity among both fans and critics has soared as her character has become more independent and well-rounded.

Her resurgence has coincided with her pairing with new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and Piper thinks the two work perfectly together.

“Everything I’ve seen [of the new series] I’ve thought is brilliant,” Piper told “I think Jenna Coleman is brilliant and I really like her as well – we know each other socially and she’s lovely  and I think her and Peter together is kind of perfect.”

Clara takes centre stage in this Saturday’s Doctor Who episode Flatline as she finds herself separated from the Doctor and facing “a menace from another dimension”. Watch a teaser below…

Doctor Who: Flatline is on Saturday 18th October at 8:25pm on BBC1

Billie Piper is currently filming series two of Penny Dreadful. Season One is out on Blu-ray and DVD now