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Billie Piper: "If Peter Capaldi had been my Doctor that would have been brilliant"

"I love Peter Capaldi, I think he’s perfect," says the former Doctor Who companion logo
Published: Tuesday, 14th October 2014 at 12:20 pm

As Rose Tyler, she was the first Doctor Who companion of the new era, and got to travel with not one but two incarnations of the Time Lord. Yet Billie Piper says she would have loved a chance to share the Tardis with Peter Capaldi's new 12th Doctor too.


"I love Peter Capaldi [in Doctor Who], I think he's perfect," Piper told

"If he'd been my Doctor that would have been brilliant."

Not that she's complaining about the actors she did get paired with...

"I’m also happy with my lot. I’m really happy with David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston," she was quick to add, "I mean they were really good."

Piper kicked off the return of Doctor Who in 2005 alongside ninth Doctor Eccleston before Tennant took over the role a year later.

Rose and the tenth Doctor enjoyed a flirtatious, even romantic, relationship which ended with a passionate kiss. In a poll last November they were voted the best ever Doctor and companion.

Barring another guest appearance from Piper – who made her most recent cameo in last year's 50th anniversary special – exactly how Rose and the 12th Doctor would have got on will be have to left to fans' imaginations.

One thing's for sure, though – there would be no hanky panky in the Tardis this time...

Billie Piper is currently filming series two of Penny Dreadful. Season One is out on Blu-ray and DVD now



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