Amid all the hullabaloo about the arrival of Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, it’s easy to forget that we’re also getting plenty more excitement before her introduction in the eagerly-anticipated festive episode.


A new version of the First Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s last stand AND the return of departed companion Pearl Mackie are all set to enthral us in Twice Upon a Time – but it’s that latter fact that has us particularly intrigued this morning, because some new quotes from Mackie are casting doubt on exactly what we’ll be seeing from her character Bill this Christmas.

“It was a total honour to be asked back and it’s even more exciting that it’s for a Christmas special!” Mackie said in a new release.

“Bill is 100% back with the full Bill energy – but she’s not quite all she seems…”

So what could this ominous hint mean? Could Bill be up to something nefarious in the Christmas special, or is Mackie just alluding to the idea that there might be some mystery about how she returns to the side of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor? Curiouser and curiouser.

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Still, whatever the truth Mackie also said that we’re in for a belter of an episode – even if you were to completely rule out that enticing final regeneration scene…

“There’s so much! We’ve got not one but two TARDISes, and we travel in both of them which is pretty exciting,” she said.

“We’ve also got three Doctors - that’s pretty amazing. Obviously we’ve got the current Doctor who we all know and love, but we’ve also got the First Doctor played by David Bradley – who is phenomenal.

“And of course there’s also the regeneration, when the Twelfth Doctor becomes the Thirteenth Doctor!

“One of the amazing things about Doctor Who is that it’s sci-fi, but it has that humanity to it,” Mackie continued.

“It has human relationships and interactions, with the added excitement of the monsters, the amazing sets and the wonders of exploring all of time and space. This episode has all of that in a really big accessible adventure for all ages - plus the regeneration!”

Sounds like one we really can’t miss, whatever’s going on with Bill in the finished episode.


Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time airs on BBC1 on Christmas Day (Monday 25th December) at 5.30pm