Avengers: Infinity War breaks records with biggest global box office opening of all time

The Marvel movie beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office, setting a record taking of $250 million in the US alone

Avengers: Infinity War's poster (Marvel, HF)

Avengers: Infinity War has broken several records at the box office after securing the biggest opening weekend of all time.


The Marvel movie not only took a record breaking $630 million worldwide, but the film also overtook Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its opening US weekend by $2 million. Star Wars earned $248 million back in 2015, but Infinity War managed to net $250 million for its opening.

Currently, Black Panther is the top-grossing superhero film of all time in America after making $688 million. The release of Infinity War also gave Marvel’s Black Panther a boost in the US, where the movie jumped from eighth to fifth place in the box office ranking.

Infinity War will be followed by another Avengers film in May 2019, although the title has yet to be confirmed.


Directors the Russos recently hinted that anyone missing in Avengers: Infinity War could yet feature as part of the upcoming story.

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