New Warner Bros/DC superhero effort Aquaman is finally in cinemas, and like most comic-book movies these days it hides a special scene after its credits that hints at what’s next for Jason Momoa’s watery wonder.


At time of writing, it appears that Aquaman has just one “mid-credits scene”, sitting at the end of the stylised, animated main cast credits but before the long, scrolling list of the entire production team.

However, it’s possible that Warner Bros will add a sneaky second scene for the movie’s actual release (it’s unlikely, but it’s happened before), in which case this article will be updated.

For now, though, read below for the background on Aquaman’s one and only post-credits scene – as well as what it might mean for an Aquaman sequel…

The mid-credits scene opens with the film’s secondary baddie Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) injured and floating in the sea on a piece of driftwood, his trademark laser-blasting helmet damaged following his clash with Aquaman and Mera (Jason Momoa and Amber Heard) earlier in the movie.

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After being rescued, Manta awakes in the workroom of Dr Stephen Shin (a new version of a character from the Aquaman comics played by Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Randall Park), an academic who can be spotted loudly proclaiming the existence of Atlantis on TV several times during the main movie (especially after that massive undersea battle).

Now, Shin’s doing his best to work out Manta’s borrowed Atlantean technology, as he explains in the scene.

Black Manta in Aquaman

“This is Atlantean technology, isn’t it?” he asks, wild-eyed. “You gotta tell me how you got it.”

“Sure,” Manta replies – “but first you gotta tell me where to find him.”

At that point, Manta unsheathes his knife and flings it at the wall where it pierces a newspaper cutting of Momoa’s Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman.

Clearly, Black Manta still hasn’t given up on the idea of revenge against our hero – and now he might have some help…


Aquaman is in UK cinemas now