A stunning new Star Trek: Discovery trailer debuted at Comic Con

There's a cold war brewing between the Federation and the Klingons


After dropping a relatively ambiguous trailer in May, Netflix and US network CBS have finally given us our first real insight into Star Trek: Discovery, debuting a new trailer at Comic Con on Saturday.


The clip shows a growing conflict between the Federation and the Klingons. First officer aboard the USS Shenzhou, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) finds herself caught beween her allegiance to her former home and her own people.

Her voice-over announces: “all life is born from chaos. The world doesn’t always adhere to logic.” But glimpses of her in what looks like a prison cell late on in the trailer suggests that she may clash with the Starfleet over the war.

During the panel discussion, Martin-Green confirmed that her character is “a human raised as adopted daughter of Spock’s dad Sarek” on Klingon. It was confirmed that the Klingons will be speaking in Klingon with English subtitles for the majority of the series, though in the trailer we only see them speaking in English.

It was also announced that Anthony Rapp will play the first openly gay character in the Star Trek series. His love interest will be played by Wilson Cruz.


Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Netflix on September 24th 2017