Outlander will be back, but we're not sure when

Outlander has been renewed for at least two more seasons and we may not have to wait too long until we return to the time-travelling adventures of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. Producer/writer Matt Roberts recently told the Hollywood Reporter: “We haven't stopped working, and we just went straight over from season two to season three.… Outlander is a beast of a show to produce, so if we took a normal break, a regular hiatus like a normal show, we would already be behind. Now the fans can have it sooner than what they think. The Droughtlander won't be as long as they expect.” But the actual date itself? That’s still to be determined…


Claire and Jamie are going to be all at sea

In season three, based on Diana Gabaldon’s book Voyager, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will be going to sea again: but they’re going much further than across the Channel to France. Talking about the technicalities of filming a sea voyage for TV a few months ago, executive producer Ronald D Moore said: “I’m sure it will be really hard and I’ll regret it as soon as I start doing it, but I’m looking forward to it.”


But first they've got to actually find each other

But before they hit the ocean, Claire and Jamie must first be reunited. They separated tearfully as Jamie sent her back through the stones at Craigh na Dun just before the Battle of Culloden. But now that we know, thanks to Reverend Wakefield’s research, that Jamie somehow survived the slaughter, in 1968 Claire must go back through the stones to find her husband. How did he get away? Claire’s 20 years older, so will two decades also have passed in Jamie’s time? We know she went to America with Frank, gave birth to Brianna and became a surgeon. What’s he been up to?


We'll also find out more about Brianna and Roger

Now we’ve been introduced to Brianna (Claire and Jamie’s daughter, conceived in the months before Culloden) and Roger (descendent of Geillis and Dougal), surely this won’t be the last we see of them. In the books, they become much more than just friends…


And discover Black Jack's fate

What became of the dastardly Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies)? We last saw him beating the body of his dead brother Alex in an appalling paroxysm of grief. What happens to him at Culloden? Something nasty, we hope.


More familiar faces will reappear...

Geillis Duncan - Outlander Season 1

Several characters return in Voyager: in the finale of season two we saw Geillis Duncan again as 1960s political firebrand Gillian Edgar. She used her husband as a human sacrifice to go through the stones; will she still be around to cause Claire problems in the 18th century? And then there’s Laoghaire, the young serving girl who set her cap at Jamie but was sent packing by Claire. According to the book, she’s got a major role to play in Jamie’s future. And Diana Gabaldon's source material even includes a grown-up Fergus (the young French pickpocket the Frasers adopted in Paris), but in very different circumstances.

More like this

And some will become more important than others...

What about characters we’ve briefly met, who Gabaldon fans will know go on to be major players. Take the young British soldier who was captured by Jamie and fooled into giving away the British position, for example. His name is John William Grey, and Gabaldon has written an entire spin-off series of books and novellas about him…


Outlander will return for a third season