Outlander season three continues this week, airing on Sunday October 29th in the US and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Monday October 30th.

Find out what to expect with our spoiler-free preview of season three episode seven.

1. Claire is faced with a major dilemma

Claire Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)
Caitirona Balfe as Claire (Starz) Starz

Our leading lady has barely had time to get used to the fact that she's back in the 1700s before she finds herself in an impossible situation. Claire's going to have to think fast if she wants to make it through this one.

2. And she and Jamie don’t exactly see eye-to-eye

There was always a fiery spark between the Laird and Lady and with their initial lovey-dovey reunion out of the way, the cracks begin to appear. They have spent twenty years apart in VERY different worlds, after all. Nobody said getting back together was going to be plain sailing.

3. Jamie’s got a big problem to deal with

Jamie Outlander Season 3
Sam Heughan as Jamie (Starz)

He's found himself in a spot of bother with a rather prickly individual and he'll need his boys to help him get out of it.

4. Young Ian shows off his skills

Let’s just say he wouldn’t have any trouble impressing the big boss on The Apprentice. He's quite the salesman.

5. Fergus reveals the secrets of romancing a woman

Jamie and Fergus Outlander season 3 Episode 6 (Starz)

Can this really be the little boy we left at Lallybroch? They grow up so fast.

6. There’s plenty of high drama

You’ll be on the edge of your seat at several points throughout this action-packed hour. Here's hoping your nerves can handle it...

7. And everyone seems to know something about Jamie - except Claire

Jamie at work - Outlander season 3
Jamie at work - Outlander season 3 (Starz, SD)

We’ve heard him muttering with Fergus about some piece of information he needs to share with Claire, but it turns out the young Frenchman isn’t the only one who seems to know about the secret he’s keeping.

Will Claire ever discover the truth?

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