While the next full series of Doctor Who in 2017 might seem a long way off, for star Peter Capaldi the fun’s just about to start. Confirming that filming for the series will kick off “very soon”, Capaldi says he’s raring to go for the Doctor’s next adventures after some well-earned time off – and he was kind enough to give RadioTimes.com a few hints as to what we might expect for his third series in the title role.


Beginning with…

1. The series will feature more action and space travel


If you were hoping to see the Doctor boldly go where no Time Lord has gone before, then you’re in luck – because Capaldi says there are plans for the new series to go a bit Star Trek on us.

“I think it’s a very action-packed season,” Capaldi told us. “It’s a lot of space exploration, and a lot of excitement and drama.”

2. It'll be less emotional


Nothing could be as sad as the departure of Jenna Coleman’s companion Clara last series – and Peter Capaldi has hinted that series 10 will feature fewer "feels" in general.

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“It might be a little less emotional, sort of,” the actor said. “I think the emotional elements of it will come as a surprise to people.”

3. The Doctor will face a truly cosmic threat


“I love seeing the Doctor being really confronted with the most cosmic of challenges,” Capaldi told RadioTimes.com. “I love him really battling it out to save the universe from some awful threat which is cosmic.

“And I think we’ve got quite a lot of that coming up, so I’m looking forward to taking the Doctor to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield.”

Could this be an alien threat linked to the emphasis on space exploration? Only time (and space) will tell…

4. It’s going to feel quite different


“I think there’ll be a new energy, there’ll be fear, about how we’re going to do,” Capaldi said of the new series, adding that “we may try different things”.

5. We’ll still all miss Jenna Coleman, but we’ll move on


As the longest serving companion in modern Doctor Who history, it’s safe to say that whoever replaces Jenna Coleman has some pretty big shoes to fill – but Capaldi says we’ll soon be ready to welcome a new partner in time to the fold.

“It’ll be sad not to have Jenna around, because she’s great to have around and I’ll miss her very much,” the actor said. “But there’ll be the fun of introducing a new person to all the people I’ve been working with for a while already.

“It’s a new chapter, and I think it’ll be very exciting to embrace that. Or open it, whatever it is you do with a chapter.”


Doctor Who series 10 will air in 2017