24: Legacy has been cancelled after one season – but it’s not the end of the franchise

Like Jack Bauer, 24 refuses to die


24: Legacy, a reboot of the Kiefer Sutherland-led drama 24, has been cancelled after just one season, but US network FOX are already in talks to develop an anthology built around the show’s trademark real-time storytelling device.


The show’s ratings saw a dip of almost 10 million viewers after a successful start in one of the most sought-after spots in US television, directly after the Super Bowl.

We liked it, but other reviewers weren’t as keen. The show averaged a score of just 60% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, and was criticised for building upon the same anti-Muslim stereotypes that had been seen in various stages over the course of the show’s initial run.

However, FOX is keen to pursue different avenues to continue the show, steadfast in the belief that it can be successful without its original action hero Jack Bauer (Sutherland).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, network execs are in talks with 24 producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer to develop a new incarnation of the show, stating that neither of the leads – played by Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits – will feature.


No storyline details have been released thus far, but its safe to say Jack Bauer will not be making an appearance, as Sutherland’s show Designated Survivor has been picked up for a second season and will be returning in the Autumn.