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10 adult jokes in Doctor Who you might have missed

Carry on Up the Tardis

Published: Saturday, 26th November 2016 at 6:21 am

Doctor Who loves a dirty joke, whether it’s a groan-inducing double entrende from Captain Jack Harkness or a barbed quip from the Doctor himself. But some blue gags whipped by so quickly, you might have easily missed them in your innocent enjoyment of the family-friendly series, and that just won’t do.


So here are a few of our favourite risqué moments from the sci-fi series, from puns and sonic envy to unsubtle descriptions of the Doctor’s romantic history.

But be warned – once reading this list, you might not be able to see the series in the same way ever again…

1. The Big Bang


The finale of Doctor Who series five saw the Time Lord and his companions save the world with a second Big Bang – but it also featured the marriage and wedding night of Amy and Rory, which was later revealed to have probably resulted in the conception of time-travelling adventurer and Time Lord spouse River Song (Alex Kingston).


Yep – Steven Moffat (as he has since admitted) was hinting at more than one momentous “bang” in that episode…


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