Is Netflix going to stop password sharing?

Are the days of splitting the cost over?

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As Netflix subscribers will know, the service, like most other streamers, has profiles so everyone in the household can have their own profile to track what they are watching and where they’re up to on a particular series.


It didn’t take long for people to work out that they could just give their login details to friends and family outside of their own home, who could then sign in and share the cost of a subscription.

It’s something that Netflix has not done much to try and remedy – but is that all set to change with the announcement that they are looking to make it a little harder for those who don’t live with you to log in?

Is Netflix going to stop password sharing?


Yes and no. What Netflix appear to be trialling with their new test is something that will help keep your account secure rather than stopping anybody you want to have access from getting in.

The main addition here – and keep in mind it is just a test and has not been confirmed for a wider roll-out – is that if someone logs in and Netflix detects they are on a different network, an email or text will be sent to the account holder with a code needed to continue the login process.

This will put a stop to anyone you don’t want getting access from hacking their way in – and remember you should always check your watch history from time to time to make sure that someone else is not logging in without your knowledge.

But if you have a friend and family member who come across this obstacle, you will presumably be able to just give them the code and off they go. What we don’t currently know is whether a code will be required every single time they log in – that would certainly be an annoyance – or whether it is just needed once and Netflix will recognise them going forward.

It’s worth noting here that a check on every login could just as easily become an issue for people who genuinely are trying to watch at home. More and more people are now using a VPN for extra internet security and this may trigger the Netflix security check.

A lot remains up in the air at the moment and given this is only a test, it may all amount to nothing – and we are sure these are all issues that Netflix is looking at it given this new system is a practice run.

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