When it comes to timeless TV series, you just can’t beat a good murder mystery. With a winning formula of eccentric characters, unlikely partnerships and plot twists that keep you guessing right until the very end, this compelling genre has a unique ability to reel you in and keep you hooked.


And now, with every episode of the much-loved series, Jonathan Creek, available to watch on Drama starting from 13 December, the channel is taking a moment to celebrate some of the greatest whodunnits in TV history.

From unbeatable classics such as Father Brown to modern masterpieces including Sherlock and Luther, there’s something for everyone on this list. And the great news is that most of the featured series are available to watch on the Drama channel!

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Ready for some sleuthing? Take a look at these classic whodunnits….

Jonathan Creek – 13th December, from 8pm on Drama

Jonathan Creek

Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies, QI), is a magic trick consultant who lives in an old windmill in West Sussex. He has an exceptional talent for solving puzzles, and in his spare time frequently helps unravel criminal investigations that have left top detectives utterly baffled. Over the course of the series, Creeks’ fascination with the impossible brings him close to his various partners in solving crime, including investigative journalist Maddy Magellan (Caroline Quentin, Men Behaving Badly) and in the final series, his wife Polly Creek (Sarah Alexander, Green Wing).

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Dalziel and Pascoe – Starts 11th January, 8pm on Drama

Dalziel and Pascoe

In the fictional town of Wetherton, Yorkshire, detectives Dalziel (Warren Clarke, A Clockwork Orange) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan, A Touch of Frost) must cast their differences aside in order to solve crime. Old-fashioned Dalziel is straight-talking, ill-mannered and not afraid to state his mind – unlike polite, timid and intellectually-inclined Pascoe. Although the pair often clash, they soon discover that their differences are what make them such a brilliant team. Much to their surprise, each case seems to strengthen their relationship, and gradually they begin to form an unbreakable bond.

Father Brown – Starts 14th January, 8pm on Drama

Father Brown

Set in 1950s England, eponymous hero Father Brown (Mark Williams, Harry Potter) is a Catholic priest at a church in the fictional village of Kembleford. He has a knack for solving grisly murders – which is just as well, given that his parish is often the hotspot for horrific crimes! With the help of his loyal colleagues including Bridgette McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack, River) and Lady Felicia Montague (Nancy Carroll, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher), there’s no mystery Father Brown can’t unravel.

Luther – Coming to Drama in April 2022


Idris Elba’s defining role as the brilliant but troubled detective John Luther sees him drawn into the darkness of his macabre investigations. Sometimes, his obsession leads him astray and causes him to blur the line between personal and professional – which is exactly how his friendship with psychopath, murderer and prime suspect, Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson, His Dark Materials), comes about. Despite their unusual circumstances, the unlikely duo begin working together to successfully solve some shocking crimes.

Sherlock - Coming to Drama in April 2022

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock, an eccentric detective who uses his extraordinary powers of observation to solve crimes in modern day London. He’s assisted by his flatmate and friend, Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman, The Hobbit). Though at first people are wary of Sherlock due to his unconventional methods and total disregard for social niceties, he soon becomes a local celebrity, partly thanks to his successes, but also because Watson likes to document their adventures on his public blog.


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