You know Game of Thrones. Too clever for its own good sometimes. It's always hinting and suggesting and symbolising. Basically offering us clever little clues that we don't notice because we're too busy recoiling from a violent death or left with gaping mouths after yet another shock.


Talking of those shocking/violent deaths, one clever Redditor reckons, thanks to a scene in season one, we should have expected the recent explosive goings on in the season six finale.

Because Cersei's decision to wildfire (yeah, we're using it as a verb now) the Sept and with it all her political enemies might have been hinted at by some stained glass windows. Bear with us...


"After rewatching some of my favorite scenes from the show thus far, I come to this one of Varys and Baelish in Season 1 episode 10," writes Jaymesharris96. "Now something that struck me is the Windows behind Varys and Little finger as they square off. Notice how Underneath the Symbol of the Faith, the 7 pointed star, There is what in my mind looks like orange and green flames.

"We Know that D+D love symbolism, and foreshadowing, so I wonder: could this be a very subtle foreshadowing of the fate of the Sept of Baelor," he wonders.

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You can watch the clip for yourself here.


Now, those windows in the Red Keep certainly do resemble the green flames of wildfire.

So was this a clever allusion to the Sept's future destruction? Or just a cool coincidence we hadn't noticed before? Either way, we salute you and your eagle eyes Jaymesharris96.


Game of Thrones will return for a seventh season