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Sky Atlantic's Britannia is "gloriously bonkers" say viewers

The new series about Roman invaders crushing Celts in 43AD took us on quite the errr, trip...

Britannia Viewer Reactions
Published: Friday, 19th January 2018 at 11:29 am

Britannia, Sky Atlantic's new series about the Roman army's quest to crush the Celts in 43AD, made its long-awaited debut on Thursday night and it's safe to say everyone thought it was absolutely bonkers.


Those who had seen the first episode before it was broadcast promised us nothing short of a wild ride courtesy of writer Jez Butterworth, and when viewers clapped eyes on David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Mackenzie Crook and co in action, they weren't disappointed.

Indeed, they embraced the madness - involving "psycho druids" and "Celtic craziness" - the swearing and the general trippy feel of the series.

Much like Game of Thrones (the show to which it's most frequently been compared) Britannia didn't hold back when it came to blood, guts, gore and brutality.

Morrissey's Aulus and his Roman legion marched into town, burning everything in their path and killing Celts by the bucketload.

And the show even had its own killer wedding, which sparked the fires of conflict between two warring tribes.

It also gave Reilly the chance to do her best Merida from Brave impression, as her Celtic warrior Kerra pulled out her bow and arrow.

Kelly Reilly, Britannia (Sky)

The viewers really took to the new series.

Even if they did think it was totally off the wall.

The stunning locations were also praised by viewers, who felt they were far too beautiful for the UK.

All in all, it seems to be two thumbs up from the majority of the audience.

And for those who weren't convinced, there was a plea to stick with it from viewers who've already caught the next few episodes on demand (they're ALL available to stream now via Sky).


Britannia continues on Sky Atlantic on Thursday nights at 9pm and the full series is available to stream via Sky On Demand and Now TV


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