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Kit Harington was trapped in a wardrobe with farts in Game of Thrones prank gone wrong

Ben Crampton’s wardrobe is dark and full of terrors

Published: Saturday, 13th April 2019 at 6:20 pm

As anyone who watches Game of Thrones knows, there are fates worse than death. Like, for instance, getting locked in a wardrobe with your own farts.


Such was the plight of Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch when an on-set prank went terribly wrong for Kit Harington.

“Kit hid in my was a night shoot, we were very bored,” co-star Ben Crompton revealed to at the series eight premiere in Belfast.

“He was expecting me to come back to my trailer, in the middle of a night shoot, [but] then then Mark Stanley went 'Kit's hiding in your wardrobe.’ And then they called lunch, so we just went for lunch and left him in there.”

An act of treachery to rival the Red Wedding, no doubt, and with equally dire consequences.

“Apparently he just kept laughing to himself, and then went 'Oh I'm getting a bit claustrophobic now.' And I think at one point he farted and sort of confused himself but thought 'I've committed to it now.'”

Truly, Ben Crampton’s wardrobe is dark and full of terrors – but Harington still looks back on his time with his fellow watchers on the wall fondly. Speaking to, he reminisced about “memories at Castle Black with John [Bradley] and Ben Crompton.”

“It’s the fun we had in bars and the laughs we had and the taking the piss out of each other constantly. No-one showed each other too much respect. Everyone undercut each other the whole time, in the nicest way and the most British way.”

As Jon Snow’s story took him further away from the Wall, Crompton wasn’t seen much last series. But having the run of Castle Black gave him the chance for some Home Alone style shenanigans.

“I can redecorate, do anything I want” he revealed. “I got a bit of decking out, I've got some tunes, some barbecue. It's a lot more chilled out, now I'm there. The others were a bit intense!”


Game of Thrones’s final series begins 2am on Sky Atlantic


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