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Game of Thrones fans are mourning Kit Harington’s beard

What do we say to the God of Gillette? Not today.

Kit Harington
Published: Thursday, 11th April 2019 at 10:36 am

While the details of Game of Thrones' final season remain firmly under wraps, we already know the fantasy drama’s most tragic casualty this year – Kit Harington’s beard.


Yes, after years of contractually-obligated face-fuzz the Jon Snow actor has finally taken a Valyrian steel razor to his chops, revealing his new clean-cut look while hosting Saturday Night Live and describing himself as “pre-pubescent Jon Snow.”

And as with any shocking Game of Thrones departure, it’s fair to say that fans are, ahem, bristling at the beard’s surprise exit.

Clearly, Harington may have underestimated the sheer power his beard brought him – even Ned Stark’s death didn’t elicit such an outpouring of dismay – though on the other hand, at least one member of his household may have seen the writing on the wall, with former Thrones co-star Rose Leslie (who married Harington last year) interrupting her husband’s SNL monologue to ask an important question.

“How soon can you grow back that beard?” she asked.

Hopefully, like Jon Snow himself, the beard will be granted a resurrection at some point down the line – but for now, these chops have ended.


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on Monday 15th April at 2am and 9pm


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