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Is there a secret reason why Game of Thrones series six started two weeks late?

Will we finally learn the secret of Jon Snow's parentage?

Published: Thursday, 5th May 2016 at 12:55 pm

Game of Thrones returned to our TV screens later than we were expecting it to this year. We know, because we were counting.


It was annoying, sure, mainly just because we were beyond desperate to find out if Jon Snow really had shuffled off his mortal coil. But it turns out there could be an incredibly clever reason for the delay...

Because of the season being pushed back, this week’s episode, titled Oathbreaker, will air on Mother’s Day in America.

And, according to the episode three trailer, Oathbreaker is going to contain scenes from the Tower of Joy. And any Game of Thrones superfan will tell you that the appearance of the Tower of Joy means we will probably get an answer to THE long-debated, much-anticipated question: who are Jon Snow’s parents? (More on that here)

If that's right, it means the episode where we find out the truth about Jon Snow’s mother is going to air on Mother’s Day.

Coincidence? Maybe. But it just so happens that, because of some canny scheduling, Tyrion Lannister killed his father Tywin on Father’s Day in 2014...

Doesn't seem so accidental any more, does it?


Game of Thrones continues on Monday on Sky Atlantic


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