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Game of Thrones stars - before they were Gamers

See Cersei fighting cyborgs, Joffrey talking to Batman, Lady Ollena in skin-tight leather, The Hound in just a sporran and Nedd Stark dying in 21 different ways

Published: Monday, 21st April 2014 at 11:34 am

When you're used to seeing someone dressed in Medieval robes or chain mail, or covered in mud and/or blood, it can be hard to imagine them any other way.


But for many Game of Thrones stars there was, shockingly, life before Westeros, doing all kinds of things you might not have imagined...

Warning: some clips contain violent scenes – although probably nothing worse than you see in Game of Thrones

The Hound looking buff in a porridge ad

King Joffrey chatting to Batman

Cersei Lannister fighting cyborgs

Blond Bron singing a song with Robson Green

Nedd Stark getting killed 21 different times

Meera Reed talking about werewolves

Gilly’s therapy video

Lady Olenna Tyrell swordfighting in skin-tight leather

The time Margaery Tyrell got married to King Henry VIII…

…and then he had her head cut off

Walder Frey when he was caretaker at Hogwarts

Thoros of Myr interviewing Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant



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