Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner cries when she reads new scripts

The 18-year-old actress, who plays one of the last remaining Starks in the gory fantasy drama, says "I feel everything Sansa feels"

Sophie Turner has been playing Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark since she was 13. Now almost 19, it’s no surprise that she’s more than a little attached to the character. 


“There is a real connection between us – I feel everything she feels,” Turner says. 

In fact, she even cries while she’s reading new scripts and bad things happen to Sansa which, unfortunately for Turner, is the case all too often… 

“Sansa and I have grown up together for the past five years, and so when I’m reading the script and something happens to her, I cry all the time.” 

Having my mum on set for the first three years was really important back then,” she continues, in Town & Country magazine. “If you get too wrapped up in that darkness, it can really damage you.” 

And there’s been plenty of darkness for Turner to get her head around. Sansa’s been married off against her will, viciously attacked on various occasions and almost all of her on-screen family have been killed off in brutal and shocking ways. Plus there’s the fact that her own death could always be around the corner…

“I think we’re all very used to it by now,” Turner says. “David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss, the showrunners] will write in fake death scenes just to freak us all out, which is really not fun. We’re very much on the edge of our seat. They sign us up for all of the seasons, so we don’t even know via contract if we’re safe or not.

“We’re all expecting it – it’s Game of Thrones after all,” she says. But Turner is hoping it doesn’t happen anytime soon – “Sansa had a very slow take-off. I think if she was to die now, I’d be very disappointed. Because this is her moment.”

And when it is all over, she’s a little worried about the effect it will have on her.

“I do think about what it will be like when it’s all over,” she adds. “My whole adolescence has been on Game of Thrones. I don’t know what I’m going to do without it.”

“There’s this huge family that I’ve come back to every year. And the first time it gets to July and I don’t go back there, it’s really going to freak me out.”


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic in April