Game of Thrones star reveals scenes with Tormund and Brienne were cut from season eight

The long-shipped duo had more moments together but it "became too much"

brienne tormund game of thrones

Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju has revealed that scenes featuring Tormund and Brienne were cut from the final edit of season eight, which will be devastating news for the swathes of fans who have been shipping the unlikely couple since they first appeared on screen together in season six.


The duo reunited early on in season eight, with the red haired warrior encouraging Jaime Lannister to knight his love interest (Gwendoline Christie). But that was to be it for the series: the finale saw Brienne writing generously about Jaime, while Tormund exiled beyond The Wall with the wildlings alongside Queenslayer Jon Snow.

But, according to Hivju, there could have been more.

“We did a lot of stuff with Tormund and Brienne that they took out, because it became too much,” Hivju told Digital Spy. “There was a scene where I added a small monologue. I think they took the right choice in the edit, but there is some fun stuff laying around,” he said.

Perhaps some material for the DVD release?


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