Felicity Jones on the Worst Witch remake: “I hope they let me come back for a cameo”

The Star Wars rebel hasn't forgotten her magical roots and plans to teach Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne a few tricks


She may be an Academy Award nominated actress who runs around Europe with Tom Hanks in Ron Howard’s Inferno and has an upcoming role in a Star Wars film but that doesn’t mean Felicity Jones wouldn’t be open to going back to her Worst Witch roots.


The actress is best known to a certain generation as Ethel Hallow, Mildred Hubble’s Cackles Academy nemesis in ITV’s 1998 children’s series, and would love to appear in the upcoming reboot.

“I hope they let me come back for a cameo. That would be great” she tells RadioTimes.com, citing her love of reading as the main reason she’d be so eager to return to the show adapted from Jill Murphy’s series of books.

“I loved growing up reading, I was obsessed with The Famous Five and Mallory Towers. I was obsessed with boarding school, I loved reading those stories and anything that had slightly supernatural elements to it.”

Has the former witch given any magical advice to her Theory of Everything co-star Eddie Redmayne ahead of his debut in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them?

“I should have given him my broomstick lesson”, she muses. “I started learning broomstick riding when I was eleven. I haven’t yet so next time I see him I’ll have to catch up on his broomstick skills, but I’m sure he managed very well without my tutorials.”

Speaking of her former co-stars, Jones wouldn’t mind reuniting with the cast of romcom Chalet Girl at some point down the line for a sequel: “Maybe when we’re all old and it’d be sort of like, Chalet Grannies.”

But for now, stopping the outbreak of a deadly plague is the priority.


Felicity Jones is currently starring in Inferno, in UK cinemas from 14th October