Warning: the article contains full spoilers for Disenchantment season 5.


After five long years, the latest series from animation wunderkind Matt Groening has finally come to a close.

Disenchantment marked a clear departure from Groening's previous work including Futurama and The Simpsons, surprising viewers by taking a serialised approach as we followed the adventures of Bean, Luci and Elfo throughout the Kingdom of Dreamland.

Although the show never quite reached the global acclaim and audience of his previous shows, Disenchantment nevertheless carved out a dedicated cult audience that allowed the show to continue whereas many other adult animated Netflix shows have fallen.

With the latest season arriving onto Netflix, we finally have the answers that many fans have been questioning since the cliffhanger-heavy season 4 finale.

With Queen Dagmar set to take over Dreamland and mould it in her own evil image, Bean was faced with a choice - swim off into the sunset with mermaid love of her life Mora, or take a stand against her mother once and for all.

Read on to find out exactly what happened during the ending of Disenchantment season 5.

What happened to King Zog?

Since this is the final season, it's very much a whirlwind family tour on the way to face evil mum and her husband, Satan.

Bean goes back to Steamland to track down her father, who she saves from a strange freakshow he's found himself in. The pair are able to finally have some long overdue father-daughter time as they escape Steamland in a hot air balloon.

Throughout the final season, the pair get into a number of misadventures, including meeting Queen Prudence in the land of Maru, where Bean is taught to channel and control her powers.

However, it's also where we learn of a most chilling prophecy: Bean may end up killing a loved one. Little bit vague, but that's how prophecies work.

What happened to Bad Bean?

While Bean is off on her family reunion and power-up tour, Queen Dagmar is busy putting Bad Bean's head and body back together - despite pushing Bean off a cliff, it's clear that, on some level, she likes her company.

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As Bean finally arrives at the castle, father and mermaid lover in tow, there's an epic face-off, and it's here where tragedy strikes.

Bean, Mora and Elfo looking at a beheaded Bean
Disenchantment. Netflix

While facing off against Bad Bean, Bean is tricked and accidentally kills Mora, sending Bean into an incredible rage and causing her powers to spike.

As a result, she's able to kill Bad Bean once and for all, but falls into a major depressive slump - without Mora, she's got no reason to go on fighting, let alone the willpower to overthrow her mother.

Does Bean defeat Dagmar?

Yes and no - it's kind of a two-hander between her and Luci. Using his demon-ish ways, Luci is able to plant a seed of doubt into Satan's mind, making him doubt that Dagmar will take Satan seriously at all after she's gained control of the kingdom.

This plan looks like it might actually work for a minute - then Dagmar drowns Luci in lava. Pretty hardcore.

Elfo and Bean with giant mushrooms in the background
Disenchantment. Netflix

To make matters worse, Luci ascends to heaven, only to accidentally kill God in the process - fortunately, he finds a couple of spare heavenly lightbulbs in a nearby cupboard, and after bringing God back to life with them, He grants him one wish.

That wish? To bring Mora back to life - he may be a demon, but he's got the heart of an angel.

Bean is revitalised from Mora's resurrection, and chases Dagmar into the Crystal Cave - an epic battle of swords and sorcery ensue, and the top of Dagmar's head is even sliced off, but this just allows her to remove her own brain, making it harder to kill her (hey, it's a magic kingdom, these are the rules).

Finally, Dagmar is brutally impaled on a giant crystal as the cave comes crashing down upon her - at the last moment, husband Satan arrives by her side and agrees to take her back to Hell, but ultimately she's tricked into spending an eternity in a little cage just outside his palace.

Look, you don't mess Satan around and get away with it.

Who ends up on the throne at the end of Disenchantment?

King Zog in Disenchantment looking scared
King Zog in Disenchantment. Netflix

Since this is the series finale, Disenchantment has a lovely extended epilogue that touches on all the characters - King Zog gives up the throne in order to move back to the forest and live with Ursula, meaning that it's up for grabs.

Did anyone expect Mop Girl Miri to be the one sitting on the throne by the end of the series? If so, you might be a little psychic.

Elfo finally gets the recognition he's been long overdue for and is installed as her consort, while Prince-Pig Merkimer even becomes the Prime Minister. This new-found triage government undoubtedly signals a more progressive and inclusive future for Dreamland.

While many expected Bean to ascend to the role of Queendom, she's pretty much done with Dreamland after saving it, retiring to a love-filled life with mermaid Mora on a beach far, far away.

However, the character with the biggest transformation is undoubtedly Luci. When Satan returns to Hell, he finds himself crossing out his son's name in the Book of the Dead, meaning he's no longer required to return home and can make his own way in the world.

Due to his acts of goodwill during Bean and Dagmar's battle, he's bestowed a pair of wings, transforming himself from a demon to an angel.

Disenchantment is available to stream on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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