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A Discovery of Witches star says there’s 'hunger' for spin-offs

Tanya Moodie says “my hope is that there’ll be other stories made on television”.

A Discovery of Witches
Published: Monday, 10th January 2022 at 3:15 pm

The third and final season of A Discovery of Witches has arrived at last, with fans able to choose between watching the fantasy drama weekly on Sky Max or binging the whole thing in its entirety on Now.


And if they did go for the binge option – which, to be honest, was probably most people – series star Tanya Moodie reckons that they’ll already be hungry for more, possibly in the form of various spin-offs based on secondary characters beyond main couple Matthew and Diana (Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer).

“They’ll feel satisfied, and they’ll feel hungry,” Moodie told “They’ll want more.

“I think [original book author] Deborah Harkness is going to be asked a lot for another series. Thankfully, I think that if Bad Wolf decides to do anymore, they’ll have an audience.”

Since completing the three-book All Souls trilogy that A Discovery of Witches is based on, Harkness has shown a willingness to return to the world, penning a prequel starring characters Matthew and Marcus (Matthew Goode and Edward Bluemel) and making plans for a book about Steven Cree’s vampire Gallowglass.

It’s possible that new TV shows could be developed by producers Bad Wolf Studios from this source material – though Moodie also notes that material cut from the original trilogy’s adaptation could also be used to kickstart another series.

“People who know the books, know that there are characters that have other lives and other futures,” she said.

“My hope is that there’ll be other stories made on television based on the characters and Deborah’s writing. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Tanya Moodie in A Discovery of Witches (Sky, HF)

Tanya Moodie in A Discovery of Witches (Sky, HF)

And of course, Moodie has a particular soft spot for the daemons featured in the series (including her character Agatha Wilson), noting that their relatively unexplored role in Creature society could be ripe for more stories.

“I would love that,” she said. “I think that the daemons should have their own series, because... I mean, I find them really interesting, because we’ve all seen vampire series – it’s obviously a thing. We’ve all seen witches series as well.

“I think the thing about daemons is – because they sort of straddle these worlds of huge humanity, as well as being different and ‘other’, I think it makes them quite interesting.

“I mean, I always joke around how the fandom of the book – they talk to me, and say, ‘So what do daemons do, exactly?’ The ones who haven’t necessarily read the books but have seen the series. And so I’m having to sort of explain to them that they do also have sort of ‘powers,’ in inverted commas, but they actually find it more difficult to control.”

In other words, there’s plenty to draw from if Harkness or Bad Wolf are looking to continue telling stories in the world of vampires, witches and mysterious daemons. Consider this space, watched.


A Discovery of Witches season three is now streaming on Now. Episodes also air weekly on Fridays on Sky Max. For more, check out our dedicated Fantasy page or our full TV Guide.


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