Carnival Row: Will there be a season 2 on Amazon?

Amazon’s fantasy drama has already been recommissioned – Orlando Bloom fills us in on what we might expect…

Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row (Amazon)

New fantasy period drama Carnival Row – which imagines a world where humans and magical creatures live together uneasily in a 19th century-style city – has only just arrived on Amazon Prime Video, but a second season has already been commissioned.


“It is exciting actually and that’s good news – because if it wasn’t good or if we didn’t enjoy it, it’d be like a prison sentence,” Orlando Bloom, who plays detective Rycroft ‘Philo’ Philostrate in the series, said of the recommission at a recent screening of the series’ first episode.

“It’s really great that we’re going back to do something that we love.”

Also starring Cara Delevigne as an immigrant fairy named Vignette Stonemoss, the first season kicks off with a murder investigation before spinning off into different plotlines – and according to Bloom, the second season (which begins filming in September 2019) will only build on the foundation laid down in the first episodes.

“I think a lot of shows in the first season, world-building shows like this, probably are finding their feet,” he said.

“In the new [season two] episodes I think I think the world-building is just growing and getting better, and it’s really growing into something.

“From what I’ve read for season two it’s really exciting, and we’ve got an amazing cast of actors.”

Sounds like the magic is just beginning…


Carnival Row is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now