In a world full of magic and sorcery, nothing is ever easy to explain. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen have already been treated to Yuji’s story of finding a secret sorcery school club in season 1, with the focus on mentor Gojo’s past shaping the drama in season 2.


Based on the manga series written by Gege Akutami, the action explores the legacy of a cursed talisman, which is the finger of a demon known as Sukuna. The talisman begins to be targeted by other creatures with curses, leading the gang of sorcerers to try and put a stop to impending doom.

While season 2 is heading towards the Shibuya Incident Arc, fans still have plenty of questions about the future of the anime series. For some, Sukuna’s full power might not have been fully explored, with the manga hinting that he might be more similar to others than we might think.

Though it’s not confirmed that the anime will always follow the manga chapters completely, here’s a breakdown of the popular Sukuna and Yuji fan theory.

Who is Sukuna?

Though he isn’t the main antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna comes with some pretty nasty traits.

When Yuji consumes the mysterious cursed fingers back in season 1, he involuntarily invokes the spirit of Sukuna. In years gone by, Sukuna was considered to be the strongest sorcerer of them all, earning him the undisputed nickname of King of Curses.

As Jujutsu Kaisen continues, Sukuna manages to transfer himself into the body of Megumi, who is another Grade 2 sorcerer. Yuji is rarely able to maintain control over Sukuna’s soul, which is possibly down to Sukuna’s immense level of power.

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Why is Yuji’s ability important?

According to a fan theory, Yuji’s ability plays an important role in Sukuna’s future by the time the manga reaches chapter 221.

During this chapter, mentor Gojo mentions that Yuji’s ability is something that is only seen once every thousand years. Fans think that this is something that tells us more than we might think, given that Sukuna was alive at roughly the same time.

The first chapter of the manga also reveals that Sukuna is impressed with Yuji’s abilities early on, with subsequent chapters hinting that Sukuna had never tried to steal or suppress a soul before he figures it out in chapter 8. The transferring of Sukuna’s soul from Yuji to Megumi could also tell us a lot, with Sukuna able to completely compress Megumi’s soul by the time it happens.

Sukuna’s connection to talismans also holds clues, with the manga heavily alluding to Sukuna opening things in later chapters. Considering this, it could be likely that Sukuna is opening talismans in order to switch between souls.

How could this change Jujutsu Kaisen season 2?

The question we are now left with is why Sukuna is doing this? According to fans, Sukuna might actually possess the same powers as Yuji. Instead of stealing cursed techniques as we are led to believe, Sukuna could actually be able to suppress souls without Yuji’s initial help.

The fact that Sukuna has used many talismans and plans to use Megumi’s shadows also contributes to this possibly being true, with Yuji taking longer than Megumi to acquire Sukuna’s cursed technique because his soul is weaker.

This could change the present-day arc after season 2 if Gojo does eventually tell Yuji all of this information. None of the claims are impossible, especially when Kenjaku's remarks about Tengen looking so similar to Sukuna are taken into account. In later episodes, Yuji may be able to reach the power level that human Sukuna once held.

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