X Factor judges get tough with boozing Boot Camp act

Cowell and co pulled a singer up after he arrived at rehearsals a little worse for wear

One X Factor hopeful has found himself on the wrong side of this year’s judges already after he arrived at rehearsals worse for wear thanks to a night of partying. 


Cowell, Grimmers, Mrs CFV and Ri-O had thrown a welcome bash for the acts after they decamped to a swish mansion for this second round of auditions. There was a pool, volleyball courts and the like. But it seems one wannabe chart star just didn’t know when to quit the dance floor.

“One act stayed up very late drinking and found it very difficult to rehearse the next day,” a source told RadioTimes.com. “Suffice to say the judges pulled him on it.”

Yikes, it’s like trying to be sprightly in front of your parents after a night ordering cocktails you can barely pronounce, but much, much worse.

“The judges are all quite no-nonsense,” the source added. “Particularly as Rita and Cheryl know what it takes.”

Yep, he definitely should have saved his boozy antics for when he could have spent the following day hidden in a duvet. How can you be the next big pop star if the thought of opening your mouth makes you want to hurl, eh?

Away from the partying – and attempts at recovering – the singers have been working with acts from different categories to perform a track for the judges. After another batch of hopefuls have been sent home, it’s then onto the dreaded Six Chair Challenge where, actually, if you were to vomit on stage, I think everyone would be very understanding.


The X Factor returns to ITV later this year