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X Factor 2015: Who are the 15 groups through to the Six Chair Challenge?

Cheryl's got fifteen groups and only six spaces at her Judges' Houses. So who's in the running? Check out the contenders... logo
Published: Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 8:00 pm

Cheryl isn't a huge fan of the Six Chair Challenge, admitting she did try to get rid of it for this year's series. But ahead of the series launch she did tell us she felt more confident about how she'd approach the dreaded round this year. And having been part of a pretty darn successful girl group, being in charge of the Groups category seems a natural fit. 

In this third round of auditions a chair equals a spot at Judges' Houses.

It's not that simple of course. Once on a chair they can be swapped out for another hopeful. Often they're later dramatically swapped back in. Basically, until everyone has performed, those seats are entirely up for grabs. 

So who's in the running for Cheryl's category? Check them out below...


This sassy girl group have promised to Alien-ise the competition. Will Cheryl think they're out of this world at Six Chairs?


Bekln hail from the London Community Gospel Choir and their unique sound caught the attention of the judges early on. Will they do enough to make it through to this year's Judges' Houses?

Cam and Brett

We're yet to see much of Cam and Brett, but they've tweeted a snap of them backstage. Here's hoping their vocals are more cheery.



We had a peek at girl group Decibellas during the Boot Camp group challenge, where the performed Taylor Swift's Blank Space...

4th Power

4th Power - made up of four Filipino sisters - have been ones to watch since their opening performance. No-one was expecting this...


Six Chair Challenge will be our first snapshot of Goe. The judges have clearly seen something, so we're excited for a first glimpse. 

Menn on Point

Menn on Point want world domination, but first of all, they must tackle those dreaded chairs...

Mon Amie

This girl group rock some serious good vocals. Will Cheryl back them to the next stage of the competition? See them here performing during this year's Boot Camp competition.

My Bad Sister

Polly and Sophie Duniam used to star in CBBC's Home Farm Twins and have more recently been working as Rita Ora's backing dancers. But now they want to step out and make it on their own.


PYT aka Pretty Young Thing are hoping to become the next big thing...

Rumour Has It

For some members of this group, Six Chair Challenge isn't a new experience having auditioned as New Girl Group last year. Will it be second time lucky?


We haven't seen a lot of Ryder, but here's a taste of their vocals:

Silver Tone

Their audition process has been far from smooth, with the judges trying to ensure they stick to their gospel sound, but will Cheryl see an opportunity to work with them during this year's Judges' Houses?

The First Kings

Hot Damn! The First Kings seemed ready for their own arena tour after their first audition. Will Cheryl be excited to see more?



This cool group certainly stood out during the group performance at Boot Camp. How will they get on at Six Chairs? Watch this space...

The X Factor Six Chair Challenge starts Sunday October 4th at 7:00pm on ITV

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