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New Girl Band return to X Factor less two members

Saffron, Abby and Leah were put into a group last year with two other solo singers, but now they're back as three-piece Rumour Has It

Published: Saturday, 12th September 2015 at 4:00 pm

Last year, as well as mega boy band Stereo Kicks (yes, the one with eight members), the judges put together a new girl band: simply known as New Girl Band. Why complicate things, eh?


The band had five members during the 2014 series - Abi, Abby, Saffron, Mimi and Leah - made up of singers who hadn't been given the thumbs up as solo singers.

It wasn't an easy ride for the girls even once they were in the group. They found themselves caught up in a sing-off with two other groups - Pow Pow Girls and Overload Generation - for the final place in Louis Walsh's top six during the Six Chair Challenge. They got the spot (Overload eventually came back as Walsh's Wildcard) and made it through to Judges' Houses. But the group made it no further.

This year, three members are back - Saffron, 17, Abby, 19, and Leah,17, - performing as new group Rumour Has It.

Over the past year the girls say they've been gigging to get experience. "Mainly just trying to get to know each other," Saffron adds.

Cowell admits he's looking forward to hearing them perform and as they perform 'No Diggity'.


Is it true we won't get them out of our minds? Find out tonight from 8:00pm on The X Factor.


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