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Why you should follow @WimbledonRoof on Twitter

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Published: Tuesday, 30th June 2015 at 12:00 pm

Wimbledon is back in business and, thanks to the unreliable nature of the Great British summer (this heat wave can't really last, can it?), that means the retractable roof on Centre Court is on standby, too. 


In fact, since its installation in 2009, the roof has kept many matches going despite drizzle and the dark.

However, the roof isn't just active on court. The Wimbledon Roof is busy on social media too, running its very own @WimbledonRoof Twitter account, which is a must for the true Wimbledon fan.

How interesting can a roof be, you ask? Well, it has more than 13,000 followers and enjoys stirring things up between the players – even getting drink offers from Andy Murray. 

Here's why you should follow:

It can get the attention of the top players and gets to the crux of the issue:

Oh yes, the pros actually reply:

Like the hoards of fans queuing for hours (and hours and hours) it doesn't give up...

In fact, it seems Murray and the roof have a date:

Well, it certainly seems more promising than an invite to the Champions' Dinner from Mr Roger Federer...

The roof knows the importance of believing in oneself:

Even Rufus the resident hawk made sure to get a snap with it last year:

It often has a tune or two up its sleeve:

And if you ever need a joke about a roof:

It's constantly trying to improve its performance: 

And although the roof likes to be needed, it knows how to enjoy its downtime, too:

It has proper British spirit i.e. zero faith that this nice weather is going to last...

And it has no sympathy for foreign rivals who turn their noses up at roofs:

Just don't mention its speed or lack of...

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