Why is Bradley Wiggins still on The Jump 2017?

The Olympic cyclist keeps turning up in episodes of the Channel 4 winter sports series despite pulling out due to injury


A couple of weeks ago Olympic cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins announced that he was withdrawing from Channel 4 winter sports contest The Jump, after fracturing his leg during training.


However, fans have been confused to see the legendary British athlete still competing in recent episodes, with Sir Bradley trying his luck in the skeleton last week and continuing to appear in tonight’s fourth episode of the series. So what gives? Did he just recover from his injury THAT quickly?

Well, no – the simple truth is that the majority of The Jump was prerecorded in early February, and so Sir Bradley’s appearances on the show were shot BEFORE his injury. As the man himself explained:

After this week’s episode he’ll no longer appear, as filming for later episodes took place after he fractured his leg, so tonight will be your last chance for some Wiggo ski slope action. Sad times – but we can at least join together in hoping he gets well soon.


The Jump airs on Channel 4 on Sundays at 7.30pm