It wouldn't be summer without a bit of Strictly Come Dancing line-up speculation, with celeb rumours and denials flying around left, right and centre.


However, one YouTuber has broken the mould by straight out asking the BBC to let her put on her dancing shoes.

Louise Pentland, aka @SprinkleOfGlitr, is one of the so-called UK YouTube elite. Zoella's best 'chummy' is an online sensation in her own right, making waves with her video blogs about fashion and beauty while doling out delightful life-advice to her loyal YouTube subscribers and blog readers.

Last night she asked those subscribers – and her Twitter followers – for a little favour.

And when a YouTuber asks, their loyal fans don't disappoint.

Nor do their high profile vlogging friends.

Many said that if Pentland were to feature, they'd actually pick up the TV remote and put Strictly on this year.

And it wasn't long before the Twitter masses were arguing that not just Louise, but all of the so-called 'stars' of the UK YouTube community should take to the Strictly dance floor.

Their tweeting efforts soon had #GetLouiseOnStrictly trending in both the UK and Ireland, giving Louise a guaranteed 10 from fans on both sides of the Irish sea.

However, it did leave some feeling a little confused...

There's been no reply yet from @bbcstrictly but the campaign has achieved one thing already: award-winning Irish YA author Louise O'Neill says she's definitely up for the challenge.

The Strictly line-up for 2015 has yet to be confirmed so there is still a chance the BBC could sit up and listen (after all, Zoella did make it on to Bake Off).

Sources previously told that this year's line-up would be "more heartland", though, with names and faces its audience would be more likely to instantly recognise.

Is Pentland well known enough among younger viewers to fit that bill? Only time will tell.


Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 in the autumn.

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