If you ever wanted to see Nicky Campbell or Sir Tony Robinson sing in the West End, ITV are about to make your dreams come true. Sort of.


This Christmas, some well-known faces will face a challenge like no other – learning a song from an iconic musical to perform to a live audience at the Palladium Theatre in London’s West End.

Here's what you need to know about All Star Musicals...

When is All Star Musicals on TV?

All Star Musicals will air on Sunday 24th December at 6:40pm on ITV.

What is All Star Musicals?

Seven celebrities have rather gamely signed up to this one-off celebrity special. After training with seasoned theatre performers, they will perform an iconic song from a hit musical to a live audience at the Palladium.

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Then, at the end of the night and after everyone has performed, the audience will vote for who wowed them the most. The celebrity with the most votes will be crowned winner of All Star Musicals.

Which celebrities are in All Star Musicals?

Sir Tony Robinson
Rebecca Front
Nicky Campbell
Sally Phillips
Denise Lewis OBE
Lucy Fallon
Michael Parr

Who is presenting All Star Musicals?

Freddie Flintoff (yes, the Freddie Flintoff) will host the show alongside theatre legend Michael Crawford, who was the original star of Phantom of the Opera and has a West End career spanning five decades, as well as playing the iconic Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em.


What is the prize in All Star Musicals?

There's no prize as such. Just the kudos and glory of knowing that you are the best celebrity out of this ragtag group of seven at singing and dancing. And really, what better prize is there than that?