Yep, it's yet another revamp of a classic 90s gameshow classic!


Alan Carr will be stepping into the shoes of Leslie Crowther, Bob Warman, Sir Bruce Forsyth and (shudder) Joe Pasquale as he takes on the mantle of The Price is Right.

Here's what you need to know about the returning gameshow...

When is The Price is Right on TV?

The Price is Right will air on Saturday 30th December at 8pm on Channel 4. Find out what else is on TV this Christmas.

What is The Price is Right?

What a question to ask! It's arguably one of the most iconic shiny-floor gameshow formats ever made and sees contestants seemingly plucked at random from the audience as they're asked to "come on down" and compete to win big, amazing prizes. Although often in the 90s, these prizes would consist of a huge (and revolting) mantlepiece ornament or a vastly overpriced set of kitchen knives that were inexplicably valued at £325.

After several games like Plinko or that one with the little model yodelling bloke, successful guessees would get through to the final round where they would have to spin a wheel and try and get closest to 100. The person who succeeded would then get through to the Showcase Showdown where they would have to tot up the total of a bunch of high-value prizes like a holiday to Florida, a hatchback and jet skis (much of which were useless to retired Doreen from Portsmouth).

Basically, this is a bit of what we can expect:

Who's presenting The Price is Right?

Chatty Man and Channel 4 face Alan Carr has been enlisted to host the revamp which is switching to C4 from its previous home on ITV.

After being announced as the host, Carr said: "I'm so excited to be the new host of The Price is Right. It's proper bucket list territory for me as I loved it when I was growing up and now for me to be at the helm of such a legendary show is a dream come true. It just leaves me with one thing to say ... COME ON DOWN!"


How many episodes of The Price is Right are there?

At the moment, just the one. It's currently a one-off hour-long pilot which has been packed with amazing prizes and hysterical pricing games, and is set to be a classic entertainment extravaganza.