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What happened when Hayley Atwell gatecrashed Billie Piper's Twitter Q&A

#AskBillie began trending last night and the Agent Carter actress couldn't resist joining in... logo
Published: Wednesday, 8th July 2015 at 7:55 am

Penny Dreadful aired its series finale on Sky Atlantic last night and to celebrate, Billie Piper held her own Twitter Q&A.


We were excited. Why? Because the former Doctor Who actress has form when it comes to social media, spilling the beans about her secret stash of green catsuits and worrying addiction to Friends the last time she answered your questions.

But yesterday it wasn't just fans getting involved. As #AskBillie picked up pace, one user quizzed her on what she loved about actress Hayley Atwell...

Not one to miss out on the fun, Atwell soon got involved, tweeting her friend a cryptic question.

True or not, perhaps the answer is in Billie's response to the next question – what is the strangest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?

In fact, Hayley Atwell was a running theme of the Twitter Q&A. Does Billie get starstruck by famous folk? Errrr...

Louis C.K. also got a fair bit of airtime on Billie's account. He helps her pass the time when she's travelling...

Who would she want to be stuck in a room with for the rest of her life? No surprises here.

Question of the evening has to go to @jonnieboyo who asked Billie: Would you walk 500 miles to give Tennant another kiss, to which the answer was...

But don't expect that smooch to take place with Tennant's DI Hardy as the actress isn't interested in joining the long list of Doctor Who actors who've appeared in Broadchurch.

Before she signed off, Billie shared a few extra nuggets of juicy info, such as her favourite nickname for her husband...

... plans to return to the stage in 2016...


... and her dream of working with Samantha Morton. Now THAT we'd like to see.

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