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Billie Piper, Amanda Abbington and Cara Delavingne lip-synch for Britain

British celebs are joining the Dubsmash craze - and giving the Americans a run for their money

Published: Sunday, 5th July 2015 at 11:10 am

If you’re not already under the spell of Dubsmash, you soon will be. The lip-synching app lets you choose an audio recording of a well known quote or piece of music before filming a Vine-style video of you (and any friends you might be able to rope in) dubbing the words (or at least giving it your best shot).


US celebrities have been sharing their efforts for a while now but since Dubsmash has only recently begun to make its way into the British consciousness, offerings from our own stars have been a little rarer.

Happily, we now have some truly excellent examples to show you, which really give the Americans a run for their money...

First up, former Doctor Who companion and Penny Dreadful star Billie Piper teams up with Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell for a bit of Salt ‘n’ Peppa action…

Next, Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington and her Cuffs co-star Shaun Dooley channel Homer and Bart…

Here, Cara Delavingne is a one-woman show as she re-enacts a scene from Chicken Run...


And finally... honorable mention must got to Hugh Jackman who, although he’s not strictly British, is part of our great Commonwealth – and anyway, he’s doing Alan Rickman who is one of the most British things in existence…


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