Robot Wars returned to our screens for its third series on BBC2 on Sunday, bringing with a whole host of format changes.


Hosts Dara O'Briain and Angela Scanlon hinted that the show would be "loosened up" upon its return, and we were expecting quite the sake-up with an all-new Robot Redemption, Fog of War and a much-hyped Ten Robot Rumble.

We want to know what YOU thought of the changes to the series - cast your votes and have your say!

What do you think of Robot Redemption?

The new round sees the teams that lost in the initial group battles going head-to-head in a knockout battle for a place in the episode's semi-finals.

This means they get a second chance at Robot Wars glory, even if they've suffered a devastating loss the first time around.

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Did you enjoy the Fog of War?

Robot Wars Fog of War

This new hazard releases dense smoke into the arena along with the House Robots, disrupting the contestants' view of their robots - and their opponents. And it also makes it a little more difficult for us to see what they're all up to too.

Did you enjoy it? Or are you struggling to have the foggiest idea about why they introduced it?

And what's your verdict on the Ten Robot Rumble?

Later on in the series the wannabe robots who missed out on a chance at the grand final will be pitted against each other to secure a spot in the final six, in what is described as “the biggest battle in Robot Wars history.”

Previously, the sixth spot in the final was decided by a panel of judges, but now the “wildcard” competitor will emerge triumphant after destroying its nine closest rivals in “a ten robot, no time limit, last robot standing, fight to the death” made up of losing teams from previous episodes – probably a bit more exciting, on balance.

“It allows the cool and quirky robots normally marmalised or destroyed in the first fight, but are great fun to watch, the chance to fight at least one more time,” co-host Dara Ó Briain said.

Oh and finally... did the right robot win?


Robot Wars continues on BBC2 on Sunday nights