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We hate to say it... but Channel 5’s Make Or Break? is actually rather good

We've seen episode one – here's our verdict on the show that's our new reality obsession

Published: Monday, 7th August 2017 at 3:00 pm

As soon as everyone saw the photos for Make Or Break, the claws were out.


Featuring tanned and toned people draped in sunshine and skimpy bikinis on an island, it was dubbed a “Poundland Love Island” by some viewers when Channel 5 released an extended trailer for the show that puts relationships to the test.

But after watching episode one, I have to say it's actually rather good – and definitely exceeds expectations. Admittedly, of course, said expectations are rather low (this is airing at 10pm on Channel 5, after all) but Make Or Break? definitely deserves a chance. It’s funny, ridiculous and has some truly shocking moments, like the revelation that one of the couples has broken up three times... just in the week leading up to the show. Bloody hell.

These eight couples have arrived at an idyllic location in Mexico with plenty of baggage. There are huge trust issues – thanks to plenty of past cheating and lying – so there are immediate fireworks when just after arriving all of the couples are split up and forced to recouple (although here they're called 'pairing ceremonies'. Totally different to Love Island, yeah?) before they have to share a beach hut – and a double bed – with their new partner.

It's here where the drama begins. Just moments after being put on a break, there’s already a crisis as some of these boys and girls are painfully jealous, with one admitting that his girlfriend has never even seen him speak to another girl before.

The reality that they'll have to share a bedroom is a cue for swearing, shouting and some almighty arguments between the couples. One pair have a screaming match so indecipherable it should come with subtitles, another bloke says he's going to walk out of the whole show during the first 15 minutes, and one is left in tears when he hears through other islanders that his girlfriend has said she definitely doesn't think he's 'the one'.

Essentially, it makes for great reality TV.

It's a shame that Make Or Break? is following Celebrity Big Brother in the schedules and airing in the later slot of 10pm, as being tucked away it means that it's unlikely to gain much of a following. But if you're a reality TV junkie missing your muggy fix every night, give Make Or Break? a go.

So it's not as good as Love Island (frankly, what is?) but it doesn't deserve to be left in the bargain bin.


Make or Break? airs weeknights at 10pm on Channel 5


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