Watch Danny Dyer deliver his ‘alternative Queen’s Speech’ for Christmas

"I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a f*****g naughty new year" says the EastEnders star on ITV2


Danny Dyer’s already going to be a big part of people’s Christmas this year, what with the EastEnders Christmas Day special running for an hour. But it seems the actor’s angling for an even bigger role in 2016 – delivering the Queen’s Christmas message.


Dyer offered his services on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice Christmas special, set to air this Thursday at 10pm. Keith Lemon asked the EastEnders star to do “the King’s Speech in a posh voice down camera five” – and Dyer duly obliged.

“Hello ladies and gentleman,” he said, in his best Queen’s English. “It’s been a wonderful year. It’s been a year of ups it’s been a year of downs. It’s been a year of BEEP it’s been a year of BEEP. But I wish you all a very merry Christmas… and a f*****g naughty new year.”

Perhaps Dyer’s Christmas message isn’t as odd as it first seems: after all, he is related to royalty, as his Who Do You Think You Are? revealed.


“If I iron out about 150 people, yeah I’ll be f*****g King,” Dyer said on Celebrity Juice. “If Trump can run American I can be f*****g King surely.”


Celebrity Juice Christmas special airs at 10pm on ITV2 this Thursday 8 December